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Sigfox is the world’s leading IoT service provider. With almost every facet of the modern world being interconnected, the Sigfox global 0G network provides the highest availability, reliability, and scalability across dedicated cloud infrastructure.

Discover what Sigfox can do for you with our in-depth downloadable guides, IoT project calculator and on-demand content from our Sigfox Connect digital event.

Think IoT

Starting your own IoT project, or just wanting a deeper understanding of the world of IoT? Take advantage of our free downloadable assets and expand your IoT knowledge.

Stay connected with 0G Network3

Stay connected with 0G Network

The IoT: the 'what', 'why' and 'how'

Find out what IoT can do for you and learn how to get started in our guide.

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8 Questions to ask about your IoT project

Discover this practical guide for your IoT project.



Secure your IoT project

Take control of the security of your IoT project with this end to end guide.

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Forget tech think data value

This guide will help you to understand the value of data and how to put this into action.

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Data value patterns

Discover the benefits of IoT and exclusive insights into data value patterns.

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Data Value Patterns Simulator

Review the complete list of Value Patterns and fill in your specific project figures to calculate the financial benefits over your project’s duration.

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secure your iot project webinar
data value patterns webinar
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Stay connected with 0G Network7

Sigfox IoT Solutions Calculator

Thinking about designing your own IoT architecture? Should you buy off the shelf or make your own? Use our Sigfox IoT sales calculator to find out what is best for your business and your project.

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